Levels of Private Flying

Level 1 - Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL)
This is the first stage of learning to fly. It involves learning the skills to control the aircraft on the ground and in the air. Lessons then focus on take off and landings.

Theory taught is either private, group lessons or self study andis supported with guidance from your instructor. Tests are in-house and cover all areas to ensure adequate underpinning knowledge as you learn the new practical skill to fly safely.

Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL) allows you to fly holding either a Class 1, Class 2 CASA Medical or a Recreational Aviation Medical Certificate from your doctor (RAMPC). This Certificate limits you to being able to carry one passenger only.

Once training is completed and you meet all the required competencies you are now ready to sit your practical flight test. 

With successful completion what does this licence allow you to do? Fly to, from and in your training area within 25 mile distance.

Additional endorsements for the RPL

  • Navigation training
  • Controlled airspace training

Limitations for the RPL

  • This licence qualifies you to fly an aircraft such as a Cessna 172 or  Piper warrior, Archer and single engine types that do not exceed a maximum take – off weight of 1500KGs
  • You are limited to one passenger only if you hold the Recreational Medical Certificate (RAMPC)

If you wish to advance further with training then the Private Pilot’s Licence is the next step from the Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL).

Level 2 – The Private Pilots Licence (PPL)
With the first stage of training completed (RPL) you are now ready to commence the PPL full navigation qualification. This course covers cross country training and procedures for the controlled airspace and larger aerodromes.

The PPL requires you to hold a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Medical Certificate Class 2.

With further training you are not limited to single engine or the maximum takeoff weight of 1500 KGs. There is also less limitation on high performance aircraft types and further qualifications like Visual Night Flying and Private Instrument Ratings are able to be added to the PPL.

Ask us about a conversion of your RAA pilot certificate or RAA Nav endorsement for a
“GA” upgrade.

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