Recreational Aviation - Flying for Fun!

Recreational flying is as it sounds – flying for fun and affordability.

What is Recreational Flying?

Recreational Aviation Australia (RAA) is the governing body that oversees flying in Aircraft that are categorised by weight –  under 600 kgs. Our Recreational aircraft are modern Tecnam high wing, fast, economical and a delight to master.

Steps to becoming a Recreational Pilot

  1. Call our office for a friendly chat about your interest, perhaps to even schedule a discovery flight. We team you up in the Captain's seat with your instructor, a 20 min flight is conducted, for $90 you begin your flightpath to becoming a pilot. You get to fly hands on!

  2. On the ground we advise you of some really basic requirements. Speaking english, your health and application for the Student pilot documentation.

  3. We co-plan your dream. You tell us your goals, together we form the plan taking into account your budget, lifestyle and work commitments.

At the completion of your Recreational course you will have a Pilot’s certificate (20 hour course), passenger carrying endorsement (10 hours  solo) and a Navigation endorsement (10 hour course).

In a safe and secure culture you will also:

  • Have a solid theory background to your practical flying. All our theory components are completed to the CASA standard

  • Feel confident in command of your aircraft
  • Enjoy continued support by professional instructors while your experience builds as a newly qualified pilot

The Great Advantage

Secure Air Flight Training has designed amalgamated flight courses taking you from the two seat Tecnam (Recreational Aviation Australia RAA) to the Cessna 172 aircraft for a seamless and most economical Private Pilot’s Licence.

See the On Flyabout page for the range of exciting and rewarding flying experiences in store for our Secure Pilots.


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