Commercial Licence - consider the possibilities

Secure Air Flight Training challenges you to consider the possibilities!

You are at school and have always known that a career in aviation is the only path for you

You want to pursue your hunger for knowledge and skill enhancement as a pilot by stepping up to the commercial standards

You want your aviation pursuits to bring greater opportunities to your business whether for travel, agriculture......?

You are an aerobatic pilot or antique aircraft owner seeking wider opportunities in a industry of renewed general interest

Whatever your reason..... you have clicked to the commercial tab...surprised?  We're not!

Working towards a commercial licence will be one of the most rewarding pursuits you will undertake.

The Great Advantage

  • Choice of course types designed to meet industry standards with a flexible delivery that assists with your time and budget constraints
  • A program that cleverly utilises training aircraft to offer you the best value in obtaining your commercial licence
  • A fully mapped out program with your own personal Instructor to ensure your goals are achieved on time and with an intelligent use of your resources
  • One on one time with experienced instructors and easy access to Chief Flying Instructor
  • Professional mentoring for career planning and interview performance.

We are proud of the successes of our Secure Commercial Pilots that have moved into a variety of aviation pursuits. We have prepared pilots who work commercially as:

  • Crop dusters
  • Air survey/research industry
  • Flight instructors
  • Charter pilots
  • Freight pilots
  • Corporate pilots
  • Airline pilots

Additional training for commercial pilots is available.  Call and ask about:

  • Airspace endorsements
  • Formation endorsements
  • Instrument ratings
  • Private Instrument rating (PIFR)
  • Multi-engine endorsements
  • Multi-engine instrument rating (MECIR)
  • Night ratings (NVFR)
  • Special feature endorsements – Variable prop (CSU)
  • Retractable Undercarriage



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