Secure Air Flight Training

We are excited that you have found our website and know you may well be seriously contemplating becoming a pilot.  You will have a mixture of feelings ranging from excitement to feelings of uncertainty.

Can I do this? Am I smart enough to fly? Can I afford this amazing activity? What could I do with a Recreational / Private Licence? Could I become a career pilot and fly for a living?

We are here to say Yes ! Yes Yes Yes

We know its a big step whether you plan to fly for fun or to fly as a professional.

The information contained within our website will give you a glimpse of the ways that are available for your chosen flightpath.

At Secure Air Flight Training an important partnership will form between you and your instructor.

Our project we share with you – quite simply to:

  • Ensure that you enjoy your training

  • Set goals to ensure your successful progress

  • Provide a lifetime of support and ongoing guidance for your future flying endeavours

You become a Secure Pilot


Become a Secure Pilot with affordable aircraft hire packages,
group flying adventures and further advanced training



Learn to fly - the easy way!

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