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Secure Pilots enjoy regular group activities from small to huge. Follow our newsletters for updates and visit this page to see future events and interesting pictorials of our recent activities. We welcome and encourage all pilots, their own aircraft and students to enjoy this fellowship and support as they continue their learning experiences!


Recent Flyabouts

Tasmania - Flight of the Islands - click here

The Top End Tour

Our epic flight north for the winter – some 13 people spread between four aircraft undertook a most excellent adventure. This was one of the first flights where our pure tourists mixed with the aviators to form a cohesive family that really did share some wonderful experiences.

Too numerous to mention every detail, our flight departed Shepparton for the back of Bourke, then next day up to Queensland and Longreach for tours of the Qantas museum and the Stockmans Hall of Fame.

Our journey continued towards paradise via Mt Isa. Some incredible landscapes to behold with our arrival at Adeles Grove and our rest days spent in the Gorge Country right near the NT border!

We were on Safari in luxury tents and cabins.

Outdoor dining under the huge palms of this oasis beside crystal clear running water that was warmed by the earths firey core! No insects breed in these warm waters so truly a paradise! We toured by 4WD, learnt the history of the land and European arrival and finished off the arvo with a canoe ride through the gorges that was truly good for the soul!

Just when we thought the best had been seen we commenced our flights to the Gulf country. The radios went silent as all were beheld by the top end and its glorious panorama.

Fuelling at Borraloola and lunch with the locals we now commenced our south bound legs. And yes ye gods must be aviators as we had tail winds all the way! Nothing really prepares you for the vastness of this great land and the Mitchell Plains were vast and impressive. Tall grasses, fattened cattle and stations that rivaled small towns were spread from horizon to horizon! Barkly Station provided a restful night and great cooking.

Continuing southbound for a day at the Alice. We met some interesting characters, enjoyed terrific accommodation, meals and an arvo of touring the flying doctors and early history of the Alice.

Coming further south we had an extra day at Arkaroola in the Flinders Ranges due to low cloud. We settled into some fire side chats and finally departure a day late for the finish at Mildura!

Feedback from participants was that they all loved the encompassing of tourist activities along with the flying! So good news is that we have more planned.



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